Translation Pipeline

Translation Pipeline The pipeline is in three distinct parts: * Audio input A is transcribed into text output A * Text input A is translated into text output B * Text input B is verbalized into audio output B Actions Each component works in a similar and decoupled manner. Input arrives to an S3 bucket which triggers a Lambda function that uses a niche machine learning service of AWS on that input and places the output in another bucket.

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Lambda in the Console

Lambda in the Console Topic Set up a lambda function and run that function. Includes focus on troubleshooting logs. Future Work Set up using CloudFormation Code Connect with our GitHub organization. Video

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Lambda GitHub Integration

Introduction to Using Lambda Operation When the GitHub repo with the static website receives a push from master, it automatically updates the website. Lambda Lambda is “serverless” compute. It allows you to run functions without having to worry about any of the provisioned hardware. SNS SNS is a Amazon’s Simple Notification Service. This will be push events from GitHub to the Lambda function. Video

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